Missouri Organics

Organic Certification is important to protecting consumers and the environment while opening new and valuable markets for Missouri’s farmers and food processors. For transitional farmers, moving to more organic forms of production is one way to increase the value added to Missouri grown and made products while providing stewardship of our state’s land. By utilizing the Department of Agriculture’s resources for funding, technical assistance, marketing assistance, and information, businesses can locate the tools they need to succeed.

Studies show that organic food consumption is on the rise. The 2009 U.S. Families’ Organic Attitudes and Beliefs Study sponsored by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) and KIWI Magazine showed 31% of U.S. families purchased more organic foods compared to past years, and seventeen percent of families said their largest increases in spending during that time were for organic products.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has assembled this set of tools to assist organic producers, the facilities to process organic products and the markets to sell them. For personal assistance, a marketing specialist is only a phone call or email away at (573)-522-4170 or Charlie.Hopper@mda.mo.gov.