Operation Bark Alert

Operation Bark Alert ImageIn 1992, Missouri led the nation by becoming one of only a handful of states with a dog regulatory program. A continued effort, in 2009, Missouri once again took the lead in cracking down on unlicensed breeders with the launch of Operation Bark Alert.

Report an unlicensed breeder in Missouri at Operation Bark Alert

Help the Missouri Department of Agriculture crackdown on unlicensed breeders. If you know of an unlicensed breeder in Missouri putting the health and welfare of animals at risk, report them here. Use the online reporting system to easily help us locate unlicensed, substandard breeders in Missouri. With every tip from the public, animal care inspectors visit the location in question to validate the report of animal welfare.

More Rescues, More Prosecutions – Enforcement Works!

Updated March 27, 2014

Since the launch of Operation Bark Alert, more than 6,800 dogs and cats have been rescued in Missouri. In 2009, Missouri saw a decrease of 164 commercial breeders thanks to Operation Bark Alert. In 2010, the trend continued with a decrease of more than 200 additional commercial breeders, and as of this update, Missouri has 987 fewer commercial breeders than in January 2009.

There are 1,903 facilities required to be inspected annually, but facilities that may not comply with the standard of regulation are likely to be inspected more often. In 2013, staff of the program conducted 3,200 inspections.

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