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A Guide to Missouri Certified Growers

This is to certify that the nurseries listed in this directory have been duly inspected and properly certified and licensed to sell nursery stock in the state of Missouri beginning October 1 and ending September 30. This certification is based on an annual inspection and periodic re-inspections by area horticultural inspectors and apparent freedom from especially harmful plant pests.

Greenhouses listed in this directory have received semiannual inspections and are properly certified and licensed to do business in Missouri for the period beginning December 1 and ending November 30.

Nursery and Nursery Dealer Defined - A nursery is any land, ground or premises within this state on or in which nursery stock is propagated or grown for sale, or any land, ground or premises within this state on or in which nursery stock is being fumigated, packed or stored. A nursery dealer is any person not a grower of nursery stock in this state who: (a) Buys nursery stock for the purpose of reselling or reshipping within the state of Missouri; or (b) Makes landscape plans or plants nursery stock and negotiates in the purchase of nursery stock for his clients; or (c) Transplants or moves nursery stock from place to place within this state for other persons for a consideration in payment for the nursery stock, for the planting of same, or for both nursery stock and planting; or (d) Gives nursery stock as a premium or for advertisement purposes.

Nursery Stock Defined - Nursery stock shall be understood to mean all plants having a persistent woody stem, perennials, bulbs, roots, crowns, corms, rhizomes and tubers capable of propagating, including strawberry, asparagus and rhubarb, but excluding seed potatoes and other garden vegetables. Grass sod, stolons and plugs distributed for the purpose of propagation are also included in the term nursery stock.

Download the application for Nursery Grower’s Registration.

Download the application for Nursery Dealer’s License.

For further information concerning Nurseries or Greenhouses in Missouri, see the Missouri Plant Law Sec. 263.010-263.180, RSMo 1986.

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Missouri Certified
Nursery and Greenhouse Directory

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Missouri Certified Nursery & Greenhouse Directory

If Missouri nurseries are required to file a certificate of inspection prior to doing business in any other state, this directory is designed to satisfy that requirement in leu of a separate certificate from each Missouri nursery.

Nursery inspection tags must accompany all shipments of nursery stock, within Missouri and to other states as well. Instructions for printing these tags were sent with the certificate of inspection.

Greenhouse inspection tags are not required for shipment within Missouri, however, they should accompany all out of state shipments. The printing of greenhouse tags is the same as for nurseries.

Wyoming and Idaho charge a license fee to all out-of-state nurseries and plant dealers. Prior to doing business in these states, apply for an out-of-state nursery license.

Colorado requires out-of-state nurseries to designate a resident agent within that state prior to doing business. Contact Colorado for specific information.