The Missouri State Milk Board is a unit of the Department of Agriculture. The board consists of twelve (12) members, ten (10) of whom are nominated by the director of the Department of Agriculture, appointed by the governor, and confirmed by the senate. The board is directed by Section 196.939, RSMo to adopt regulations for the control of Grade “A” milk sanitation.

  • Chapter 1 - Organization and Description
  • Chapter 2 - Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Regulations
  • Chapter 3 - Production and Distribution of Grade "A" Retail Raw Milk and Milk Products
  • Chapter 4 - Grade "A" Raw Milk for Pasteurization and Grade "A" Milk or Milk Products from Points Beyond the Limits of Routine Inspection
  • Chapter 5 - Inspections
  • Chapter 6 - Requirements for the Missouri Dairy Law

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