The Bridge Loan program allows Missouri producers who have been approved by USDA NRCS, through the USDA NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) or the Soil and Water Conservation Program/District (SWCD) to be eligible for a short term loan of $50,000 or less from the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority (MASBDA). Loans will be available at a fixed rate of 5.9 percent for the amount obligated to the producer by USDA NRCS or SWCD for a term up to one year.

Producers must first apply at either their local USDA NRCS office or their Soil and Water Conservation District office. Once approved by NRCS and/or SWCD, producers may apply to MASBDA for the Bridge Loan Program. Upon receipt of the required documents, loan funds will be dispersed to the producer. The producer applying for the loan will be responsible for the monthly interest, plus an application fee of $25.00.

What is Required?

  1. Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Plan or Schedule of Operations for Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) (Form NRCS-CPA-1155)
  2. Executed NRCS Conservation Program Contract (Form NRCS-CPA-1202)
  3. Executed “Assignment of Payment” (Form NRCS-CPA-1236)
  4. And/or Executed SWCD contract and any applicable change orders
  5. MASBDA Bridge Loan Application
  6. Copy of valid Missouri driver’s license/non-driver’s license, or passport
  7. $25 application fee, and other recording fees (if applicable)
  8. Executed ACH Authorization Form from applicant’s account to MASBDA for the full amount of loan (plus any outstanding interest for SWCD participants)

Mail to:

Missouri Department of Agriculture
MASBDA Bridge Loan Program
P.O. Box 630
Jefferson City, Mo. 65102-0630