The Missouri Department of Agriculture administers the Missouri Qualified Fuel Ethanol Producer Incentive Fund, which was established in 1988 to encourage ethanol production in Missouri.

Section 142.028 of the Missouri Statutes provides that, subject to appropriation, ethanol produced in the state by a facility that is at least fifty-one (51%) owned by agricultural producers and which uses Missouri cereal grains is eligible for a grant in any fiscal year equal to twenty cents per gallon for the first 12.5 million gallons, and five cents per gallon for the next 12.5 million gallons, for a maximum annual grant of $3.125 million. Ethanol producers are eligible for such grants for a total of sixty months.

To obtain a grant from the fund, ethanol producers must be eligible, licensed, and bonded, and must submit a formal grant application as detailed in the Missouri Code of State Regulations (2 CSR 110-1.010).

Note: Chapter 285.530 (RSMO 2008) requires business entities receiving a state benefit to document their participation in a federal work authorization program.

Questions and requests for application materials and Citizenship/Immigration documentation forms should be directed to Robin Perso, director of budget and planning at the Missouri Department of Agriculture at (573) 526-4892 or