The Retail Store Promotion Matching Grant Program is a reimbursement grant program funded through the Missouri Department of Agriculture. This grant awards up to $1,000 for reimbursement of expenses associated with promoting the Missouri Grown program, thus promoting Missouri products. Projects should promote the retail store selling Missouri products in the local community and improve understanding, perception and knowledge of Missouri products available for purchase in the store. Projects should strive to increase consumer attendance and purchases of Missouri products at the store. Projects must include the Missouri Grown logo. Projects must be matched on at least a dollar for dollar basis to meet eligibility.

The retail store should already be carrying products from a minimum of 5 Missouri Grown member companies. Find all member companies at:

This is a competitive grant program and funds may be used to:

  • Support the retail store promotion and advertisement,
  • Provide awareness to communities about Missouri products available in the retail store location.

Examples of eligible expenses:

  • In-store signage
  • Billboards
  • Advertisement and Marketing – radio or print advertising

Examples of ineligible expenses:

  • Food purchase
  • Salaries/payroll for employees
  • Donations/contributions to fundraisers
  • Infrastructure/equipment/etc.
  • Reprinting of existing promotional materials or labels already utilized by the retail store
  • Clothing

General Information and Submission Guidelines

Maximum award amount:
Deadline for submission:
Anticipated award date:
Reimbursement requests must be received by:

up to $1,000
December 1, 2021
December 10, 2021
March 31, 2022

Eligibility Requirements

  • Only Missouri retail stores are eligible to participate in this matching grant.
  • Retail location must offer for sale product from a minimum of five Missouri Grown members.
  • Retail stores must register as a Missouri Grown Partner.
  • Paid receipts are required for any funds to be dispersed. All invoices must include proof of payment and a $0 balance.
  • Applicants must show how matching funds will be contributed through the project as cash, in-kind or other.
  • Each project expense item must include the “Missouri Grown” logo for reimbursement.
  • Radio advertisements must include a written script, including a similar statement to “This ad is brought to you by the Missouri Grown program.”
  • Evidence of completed promotional materials/projects must be included with the Project Inspection Notice.
  • Failure to complete and postmark documentation by February 28, 2022 may result in the forfeiture of funds.
  • Failure to meet all of the requirements of the grant may result in the forfeiture of funds. Please read rules and guidelines carefully.

Matching Requirements

  • Applicant must provide at minimum a $1:$1 match for the project.
  • Matching funds can be cash match or a combination of cash and in-kind.
  • Cash match must be greater than 50% of the total match.
  • The “Missouri Grown” logo is a registered trademark of the Missouri Department of Agriculture and cannot be altered in any way. No other logos from the Missouri Department of Agriculture should be used on the retail store materials unless approved.
  • Retail stores awarded funding must use the “Missouri Grown” logo according to the approval provided within the grant award.
  • Use of the “Missouri Grown” logo by individual vendors requires prior authorization by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Applications may be submitted to:
Missouri Department of Agriculture
Retail Store Promotion Matching Grant
Attn: Alexis Jose
Ag Business Development Division
1616 Missouri Blvd.
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Or electronically to:

Required Documentation