Commodity Services

Commodity Services provides commodity councils with an organized procedure for collection and distribution of commodity checkoff funds for nine Missouri commodities including beef, corn, soybeans, rice, sheep & wool, wine, aquaculture, peaches and apples.

For questions regarding Commodity Services, please call 573-751-5633 or email

Go to MDA Commodity Merchandising secure application

New MoLogin Update

We have recently changed our way of how the login user account works. Please check out the following benefits:

  • Non-expiring passwords! You will no longer be required to change your MO Login password every 90 days.
  • You can now update your account information! This includes your Email, Full Name and Password.
  • Accounts created prior to March 5, 2019 will need to re-register their accounts to be able to access the system.

This will all start after 12:00 noon on March 5, 2019. If there are any issues, please feel free to contact us with the following: call 573-751-5633 or email or please see our step-by-step Account Creation document.

User Account

Requesting online services with Commodity Services requires a MoLogin account which can be created using the MoLogin Account Management App.

If you already have a MoLogin account, simply access Commodity Services to submit payments, request refunds, and manage your customer information. The app will prompt you for a MoLogin account and password.

You can access your MoLogin Account, such as resetting your password or email, using Missouri Account.

For commodity services help, click here.