The Show Me Secure Pork Supply Plan provides opportunities to voluntarily prepare before a disease outbreak to better position swine producers to prevent exposure of their animals to biosecurity risks, such as Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Classical Swine Fever (CSF) or African Swine Fever (ASF).


Validate federal premises identification number

PINs serve as a method of locating animals in a Control Area. During an outbreak a PIN will allow producers to be notified if they are in a Control Area. To get a new premise ID, call the Missouri Department of Agriculture at (573) 751-3377


Create a biosecurity map

Creating a Perimeter Buffer Area map and a Line of Separation Map can help control the boundary around the buildings to limit movement of the virus where susceptible animals can be exposed.


Veterinarian assessment checklist

A site-specific biosecurity checklist clearly defines the scope of the operation and includes biosecurity for other susceptible species kept on the premises.


Develop a record keeping system

Maintaining records of movement of animals, feed, supplies, equipment, vehicles, personnel, and visitors enables producers to be able to provide the necessary information.


Certified sampler list

Certified Sampler’s are individuals trained in how to properly collect diagnostic samples of blood, oral fluids, tonsils, and spleen for the operation/production system and/or sites.


Mass depopulation & disposal plan

In the event of a mass outbreak, designated depopulation and disposal plans will allow facilities to respond quickly to the outbreak.