DriftWatch is part of a multi-state effort to provide a voluntary online tool for producers of pesticide-sensitive crops to list their crop and beehive locations. Pesticide applicators can view the aerial maps and search the registry by crop so they can be aware of where crops sensitive to pesticide drift are located. The Missouri DriftWatch site is a service administered through the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Sensitive Crops and DriftWatch

Examples of some specialty crops that are known to be sensitive to some pesticides are grapes, apples, strawberries, cane fruits, melons, tomatoes, broadleaf vegetables, some nursery crops and certified organic crops. Honeybees are also vulnerable to drift from insecticides so hive locations can be listed.

To be listed on the registry, the crops:

Getting Crop Locations Listed on DriftWatch

Producers can use this online tool by going to DriftWatch and selecting Missouri or by using the “map my fields” or “map my hives” button. Multiple locations can be listed for a single producer. If you grow several sensitive crops at the same location you only need to list the primary crop but can mention the others in the notes section.

Sensitive crop entries will include maps and contact information to make it easier for pesticide applicators to know where the crops are when they use the search feature. Several signs can be ordered through DriftWatch to post on your property as a visual reminder of sensitive crops being grown there or of the presence of beehives.

To keep the registry current, you will be notified annually to confirm registration and provide updates in January. For assistance, contact the Integrated Pest Management Program at (573) 751-5505.


The Missouri Department of Agriculture assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information provided by the producers or for any damages to persons, real property or personal property or for any cause of action relating to the use of any information provided to or placed on the sensitive crop registry. The registry is provided as a service to producers and pesticide applicators and does not eliminate any liability of the registry user regarding compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.