Livestock Market Licensing

Missouri Livestock Markets

Missouri has a livestock inventory of 4.25 million cattle, three million hogs and pigs, 73,000 sheep and 200,000 equine. To help livestock producers obtain the maximum return on their investment, Missouri is fortunate to have a number of livestock market/sales throughout the state.

The Division of Animal Health, under the authority of the Missouri Livestock Marketing Law (277, RSMo 2000) and through the regulations (2 CSR 30-6), regulates livestock market/sales in the state.

To operate a livestock market/sale in the state, the operator must have a license issued by the Division of Animal Health. This license shall entitle the applicant to conduct business for one (1) calendar year, January through December. To apply for a livestock market/sale license the requirements are:

To renew the livestock market/sale license you must:

For further information or livestock market/sale forms, contact the Division of Animal Health at (573) 751-3377 or e-mail

Livestock Market Licensing and Bonding

Under the Missouri Livestock Marketing Law and regulations (2CSR 30-6), all livestock markets must be licensed and provide a satisfactory bond (with a minimum bond amount of $10,000), determined by business volume.

Most licensed livestock markets have enough business to warrant a bond under the USDA Packers & Stockyards Administration. Potential market licensees should contact USDA at (515) 323-2579 to determine if their bond will need to be administered through USDA Packers & Stockyards. The division will accept any instrument of surety approved by Packers & Stockyards.

Market license applications can be obtained from the Division of Animal Health. For further information, contact the Division of Animal Health.

Livestock Dealer Registration

Livestock Dealer Registration is required for those who buy, sell, or exchange livestock. Under Missouri's Stockyards, Grain and Produce Exchanges - Livestock Dealer law and regulations (2CSR 30-7.010), registered livestock dealers must keep records regarding their sales and purchases to prevent the spread of livestock disease. There is no cost to register as a livestock dealer, but registration must be renewed annually.

Livestock Dealer Application

For further information, please contact the Division of Animal Health at (573) 751-3377, or e-mail

Market Volume Report

All market licensees are required to report the volume sold by April 12 for the previous year.

Livestock Market Volume Report