Grain Inspection and Warehousing Division

Farmers Grain TerminalThe Grain Inspection and Warehousing Division consists of four individual programs whose purpose is to protect the interest of grain producers, merchandisers, warehousemen, processors and consumers by providing inspection, auditing, mediation and collection services to the grain and commodity industries.

Grain Inspection Program

The Grain Inspection Program (GIS) provides official inspection services in accordance with the U.S. Grain Standards Acts to anyone requesting services within the geographic boundaries of Missouri. The program provides official inspection and weighing services to ensure that grain and commodities are marketed at a fair value. If you have questions call (573) 751-5515.

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Grain Regulatory Services

Grain being loaded into a truck.The Grain Regulatory Services (GRS) program protects the public interest by licensing, bonding and auditing grain warehouses and grain dealers to ensure financially sound grain markets for Missouri’s farmers to store and merchandise their grain. Grain depositors or sellers experiencing difficulty receiving payment or redelivery of their grain may contact the program at (573) 751-4112.

Grain Regulatory Services brochure

Missouri Ag Mediation

The Missouri Ag Mediation program offers a low cost alternative to litigation. The mediation program assists Missouri farmers in settling disputes with USDA agencies, other farmers, or lenders. Contact the Missouri Ag Mediation at (573) 751-5520 or

Ag Mediation brochure

Commodity Merchandising Program

The Commodity Merchandising Program provides cost-effective centralized collection and distribution services for nine check-off programs. Commodity questions concerning payments or refunds call (573) 751-5633.