Missouri Value-Added Grant Program


The Missouri Value-Added Grant Program provides grants for projects that add value to Missouri agricultural products and aid the economy of a rural community. Grant applications will be considered for value-added agricultural business concepts that:

Applications will be considered for expenses related to the creation, development and operation of a value-added agricultural business including:

How Does the Program Work?

Proposals will be selected on a competitive basis. Each proposal will be evaluated and rated using the following criteria:

Who is Eligible?

Grant Amount and Terms

The maximum grant to any person, groups of individuals, businesses or organizations related to a value-added rural agricultural business concept is $200,000.


The grants cannot be used for:


A nonrefundable fee will be due with each application. The fee will be $150 for grant application requests of $25,000 or less and $300 for requests over $25,000. The application fee may be part of the applicant’s matching funds.

For funded grant requests, a MASBDA grant administration fee is due equal to ten (10) percent of the total grant awarded. The fee is due when the Grant Agreement is signed. The MASBDA grant administration fee may be included as part of the applicant’s grant request, or if paid by the applicant, may be shown as part of the applicant’s internal matching expenditures.

Application Information

Applications are now being accepted and must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. December 28, 2015.

Other Information

The authority also administers the Missouri Value-Added Loan Guarantee Program.