In July 2021, House Bill 432 was signed into law by Governor Parson, which created the Missouri Food Security Task Force. This Task Force is intended to focus on and evaluate potential impacts and strategies to improve food insecurity within the State of Missouri. Details of the Task Force are specified in Section 261.450 RSMo.

The mission of the task force shall be to:

  1. Determine the ability of individuals located in urban and rural areas throughout the state to access healthy food and identify populations and areas in which access to food is limited or uncertain;
  2. Identify ways in which the state could connect resources and individuals in an effort to ensure food security for all Missourians;
  3. Evaluate the impact of tax increment financing projects and restrictive deed covenants imposed by grocery retailers on creating food deserts or prolonging existing food deserts;
  4. Evaluate the potential impacts of online food retail on food insecurity throughout the state; and
  5. Evaluate potential strategies to improve collaborations and efficiencies in federal and state nutrition safety net programming.

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