The Metrology Program tests, calibrates, and certifies standards for state agencies and private institutions. It is also the official keeper of Missouri’s primary standards of mass, volume and length. The Moisture Meter Program ensures the accuracy of all commercial grain moisture-measuring devices used in Missouri.

Standards Calibration Laboratory

The Standards Calibration Laboratory (Metrology Laboratory) is housed within the Missouri Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection Division. Its responsibilities include performing mass and volume calibrations that are traceable to the international system of units (SI) through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Calibration services are performed by appointment only and there is a $125 per hour (per employee) fee for these services.

Grain Moisture Meters

The Missouri Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection division is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of grain moisture meters and associated equipment such as scales, thermometers, and charts. Weights and Measures officials annually inspect and certify moisture measuring equipment. The standards and inspection procedures for grain moisture meters are contained in NIST Handbook 44 Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices. A copy of NIST Handbook 44 can be obtained from the U.S. Government Print Office, Washington DC 20402, phone: (202) 783-3238, or

Placing in Service Form

Moisture Meter Registration/Moisture Meter Renewal

Renewal of Moisture Meter Registration is due annually, no later than January 31st of the current year. To make your annual payment for a currently registered meter, please complete the electronic form and payment information below.

Newly purchased meters or meters that have been added/transferred to a location must be registered and paid in full no later than 30 days from date of purchase or transfer and thereafter by January 31st of each year. If you would like to register a new, added or transferred Moisture Meter, please complete the electronic form and payment information below.

Each January, owners and operators of moisture meters are required to register all commercial meters with the Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection Division. There is a registration fee of $100 for one device and $50 for each additional device.

*Registration/Renewal is NOT complete until payment in full is received.

Moisture Meter Registration/Renewal Form

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Moisture Meter Program.

Metrology Lab/Moisture Meter Laws & Regulations

Revised Missouri Statutes: Chapter 413

National Institute & Standards Technology (NIST)