Metrology/Grain Moisture Meter Program

Who We Are and What We Do

The MDA Metrology Laboratory is the custodian of official mass and volume standards for the State of Missouri. These physical standards are traceable to international calibration standards and serve as the basis for accuracy within the Weights and Measures community. The program provides mass and volume calibration services to both the public and private sectors, and is also responsible for overseeing grain moisture meter registration and testing, as well as the registration of “Service Technicians” who are authorized to perform work on weighing and fuel dispensing devices in Missouri.

Metrology Lab Information

All calibration services are performed by appointment only. You will need to review the Artifact Submission Requirements before scheduling your appointment to ensure they meet our requirements. To schedule an appointment please complete the Calibration Request Form and submit online.

Once we receive your completed Calibration Request Form, our lab personnel will reach out to you by email or by phone to inform you of your appointment and to let you know of any additional requirements.

Drop off hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday
Calibration Labor Rate: $125 per hour

Grain Moisure Meter Program Information

Moisture Meter Registration is due annually, no later than January 31 of the current year. To register your device(s), complete the Moisture Meter Registration/Renewal Form.

Newly purchased meters or meters that have been added/transferred to a location must be registered and paid in full no more than 30 days after the date of purchase or transfer.

Registration Fee for First Meter: $100
Registration Fee for Each Additional Meter: $50

Your Registration/Renewal is NOT complete until paid in full.

Service Technician Registration and Placing in Service Information

To register or renew your registration, a current calibration certificate and a completed Service Technician Registration Application is required. There is currently no fee for this service. A Placing in Service Form must be submitted within 24 hours after placing a device into service and may only be submitted by a Registered Technician.