Missouri has a great agricultural tradition and a bright future. The Show Me State is home to nearly 95,000 farms, covering two-thirds of the state’s total land acreage and supporting many of the state’s top agricultural commodities including soybeans, corn, cattle and calves, hogs, and turkeys. On average, Missouri farms are about 291 acres and nearly all are family owned and operated.

Missouri’s terrain contributes greatly to its agricultural diversity. Fertile soil, great for growing crops, is plentiful across the state. The Ozark Plateau, the largest part of Missouri, is covered in forested hills and known for its large lakes and clear rivers. In the Bootheel region, appropriately named for its distinctive shape, rich farmland supports crops ranging from cotton and rice to corn and soybeans. This varied terrain allows the state to produce many different and unexpected crops including several unique grape varieties that make rich, flavorful Missouri wines. That fertile land aids in the production of Missouri’s top crops – soybeans and corn.

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Missouri Agriculture's Economic Contribution
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Missouri Top Commodities

Top 5 Agriculture Commodities, 2016 Farm receipts (1,000 dollars) State farm receipt percentage U.S. farm receipt percentage
Soybeans 2,094,533 23.8 5.5
Corn 1,618,501 18.4 3.5
Cattle and calves 1,555,283 17.7 2.4
Hogs 882,619 10 4.7
Broilers 686,265 7.8 2.6
All commodities 8,805,969 100 2.5

Missouri Agriculture Exports

Missouri’s agriculture exports are as diverse as its producers and processors. Agriculture products from the Show-Me State are exported throughout the world.

Ag Export Partners
Top 5 Agriculture Exports, Estimates, 2016 Exports (1,000 dollars)
Pork & Pork Products 328,094
Soybean Meal 281,987
Prepared Foods 252,258
Corn 231,742
Soybeans 215,134
Forest Products 169,967
Wine & Beer 131,238
Dog & Cat Food 92,011
Feed & Fodders 72,481
Dairy Products 57,734
Total exports 2,257,276

2015 Missouri Harvest Volume by SpeciesThe forest products industry contributes over $9.7 billion to Missouri’s economy with exports increasing nearly 40% over the last five years to reach $170 million. Access to major water systems, rail systems, highway systems, airports and three Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) make Missouri a great place to do business. Missouri has a competitive advantage as U.S. forest products are in high demand, and Missouri companies produce some of the finest logs, lumber and value-added wood products in the country.

Missouri’s forestry industry is comprised of over 400 primary wood processors including sawmills, stave mills, cooperage mills, log brokers, post mills and charcoal plants. Furthermore, there are approximately 1,000 secondary wood processors including pallet mills, flooring producers, furniture and cabinet shops.

To learn more about Missouri’s Domestic & International Marketing Program, visit Agriculture.Mo.Gov/exports.

Missouri Specialty Crops

The Missouri Specialty Crop Survey, which was funded by the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, was designed to better understand the farming operations and impact Missouri specialty crop producers have in Missouri.

For more information regarding statistics about Missouri agriculture, visit USDA-ERS’ website.