The Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) Plant Industries Division, Feed Regulatory Program regulates pet food (dogs and cats) and specialty pet food (cage and tank) as commercial feed in the State of Missouri. Therefore, pet foods and specialty pet foods are subject to meeting the requirements listed in the Missouri Feed Law (266.152 – 266.220 RSMo); Missouri Feed Regulations (2CSR 70-30.010 – 70-30.115); and Missouri Pet Food Regulations (2CSR 70-31.010 – 70-31.90).

Requirements can be broken into 3 categories:

  • Missouri Commercial Feed License (renewed annually)
  • Missouri Feed Tonnage Report (submitted quarterly)
  • Missouri Pet Food Product Listing (renewed annually) (if applicable)
All companies or persons manufacturing, distributing, guaranteeing, or acting as an independent consultant must submit documentation and fees associated with the requirements above.

Other regulated areas include:

  • Labeling
  • Sampling
Pet food and specialty pet food must be appropriately labeled and are subject to random sampling and analysis by MDA.


Annual Feed Summary Report
This annual publication includes information found while monitoring aflatoxins in corn (Corn Survey), a list of companies who earn the Excellence in Compliance award, the results of products sampled listed by company, and a list of firms that were in violation of the law and therefore received regulatory actions. You can view the most recent Annual Feed Summary Report here.

Program Data

FDA Information


Guide to Making and Selling Pet Treats in Missouri
The Bureau reviews labels for compliance. Non-compliant labels are subject to Withdrawal from Distribution Orders prohibiting the violated product from further sale or distribution in Missouri. The link below was created by MDA to aid in the development of a compliant label and summary of the required licenses and inspection fees.

Click here to see Guide to Making and Selling Pet Treats in Missouri



Label Development