Ag Mediation Program

In 2002, USDA certified the Missouri Agricultural Mediation Program (MAMP) as the official mediation program for mediating disputes between USDA programs and Missouri farmers/ranchers/producers. Since 2002, MAMP has been serving those requesting mediation assistance, saving many thousands of dollars by avoiding the court systems.

What is Mediation?

Mediation provides the opportunity to openly and confidentially discuss a conflict affecting you. The mediator, a neutral, will assist in encouraging calm and rational discussions between you and the person or agency with whom you have a conflict. You work together with the help of the mediator to reach an agreement that works for all. The mediator does not assign fault or determine how a dispute should be decided, and is not an advocate for either side in the conflict. No agreement is reached unless it is approved by all involved.

Mediation is part of the USDA's appeal procedure

Mediation does not affect your right to an appeal. When mediation is requested, the appeals clock is suspended. At the end of the mediation, the appeals clock resumes. Mediation does not forfeit legal rights. If a mutual agreement is not reached during mediation, you may use the remainder of the appeals clock time to file a formal appeal with the appropriate agency or seek other legal remedies.

What issues can be mediated?

MAMP may be used to settle disputes involving issues between two farmers, a farmer and lender, or between a farmer and a USDA program including:

  • Farm loans
  • Rural housing loan programs & rural water disputes
  • National Organic Program issues
  • Farm Conservation Programs
  • Grazing on national forest system lands
  • Family farm transition
  • Wetland determinations
  • Lease issues, including land & equipment leases
  • Pesticide issues

Request Mediation

All requests for mediation will require a written request, a copy of the adverse decision letter from the USDA agency, and a copy of the envelope in which it was mailed.