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The Missouri Department of Agriculture’s (MDA) Domestic and International Marketing Program provides a variety of marketing services and has successfully linked Missouri’s producers of processed foods, including meat and poultry; food ingredients; feed ingredients; identity preserved grains; forest products; purebred livestock; and other ag-related products to buyers throughout the U.S. and around the globe, resulting in millions of dollars and increased market exposure.

Located right in the heart of America, Missouri is home to three Foreign Trade Zones, served by every Class 1 railroad, and can move goods across North America in any direction. Home to an extensive river infrastructure, Missouri has efficient and unhindered movement of goods to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond year round. With exports being a profit center for Missouri’s farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses, Missouri is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of growing populations around the world because of its superior infrastructure and diverse agricultural landscape.

Ag Export Partners
Missouri's Top 10 Agricultural Exports 2023
Soybeans $631,270,000
Corn $372,557,000
Pork & Pork Products $340,454,000
Soybean Meal $259,797,000
Forest Products $242,968,000
Dog & Cat Food $221,326,000
Other Feeds & Fodders $162,183,000
Dairy Products $136,964,000
Bakery Goods, Cereals, & Pasta $129,085,000
Cotton $101,911,000
Total Agricultural Exports $3,213,719,000

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Marketing Specialist
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Marketing Specialist
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