New Pesticide Statutes and Rules go into effect January 1, 2025.

More information about the new Pesticide Statutes and Rules can be found here.

The end dates for sale, distribution and use of OTT Dicamba are approaching.

Find here the Existing Stocks Order for OTT Dicamba Products.

  • Sale/Distribution for Soybean ends 5/31/24
  • Sale/Distribution for Cotton ends 6/30/24

The overall goal of the Pesticide Program is to prevent unreasonable adverse effects of pesticide use on human health and the environment while helping assure the availability of pesticides needed to maintain our quality of life. This is accomplished by licensing pesticide applicators and dealers, registering pesticides and performing inspections and investigations in the enforcement of the Missouri Pesticide Use Act and the Missouri Pesticide Registration Act.

Legal Authority

The Pesticide Program is administered through the Bureau of Pesticide Control in the Plant Industries Division. The Bureau administers the Missouri Pesticide Use Act and Administrative Rules (281.005 - 281.180 RSMo & 2 CSR 70-25) and the Missouri Pesticide Registration Act (281.210-281.310 RSMo.).

Certification & Licensing

The Missouri Pesticide Use Act establishes requirements for licensing of applicators, dealers, technicians and operators. There are also guidelines for approving applicator training programs. These programs are conducted by the University of Missouri annually. Other programs may also be available. Learn more ...

Enforcement and Inspections

Additionally, the Use Act provides the authority for Enforcement and Inspections under the pesticide program. Many types of investigations and inspections are conducted by Bureau field personnel. Learn more ...

Registering Pesticides in Missouri

The Registration Act provides authority for Pesticide Registration. Other issues that relate to pesticide registration include Special Local Need (Section 24C) registrations, Specific Exemption (Section 18) registrations, and Experimental Use Permits (EUP). Learn more ...

Database Searches

Search a database for certified applicators and dealers, and registered pesticides.

Worker Protection Program

EPA has released a revised version of the Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides How-to-Comply Manual. Learn more ...

Endangered Species Program

In 1988 EPA established the Endangered Species Protection Program (ESPP) to meet its obligations under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Learn more ...

Pesticides and Water Quality Program

The Missouri Department of Agriculture, through the Pesticide Program in the Plant Industries Division, works with a variety of state and federal agencies to maintain the high quality of Missouri water. The primary effort is to prevent pesticide-related water quality issues through the education of pesticide users. Should a pesticide-related incident potentially impact water quality, program staff will investigate to determine if state and/or federal pesticide laws have been violated. Efforts may be coordinated with other agencies to determine the appropriate response.

Driftwatch and Pesticide-Sensitive Crops

New! CropCheck will be added into DriftWatch to allow all crop producers in Missouri to map corn, soybean, cotton, and rice crops.

The Pesticide Program administers the Missouri DriftWatch site, a voluntary, online pesticide-sensitive crop locator service to provide a place where producers of pesticide-sensitive specialty crops, including bees, can map their crop and hive locations. Pesticide applicators can use the site to find sensitive crop locations in an effort to minimize the potential for damaging pesticide drift. For more information about this service visit DriftWatch.

For further information contact the Pesticide Program.

Contact Information

Bureau of Pesticide Control
Phone: (573) 751-5504
Fax: (573) 751-0005
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