September 15, 2010

Department of Agriculture Space Consolidations Save State

In response to Governor Jay Nixon's call for a smarter, more efficient state government, the Missouri Department of Agriculture has consolidated leases in an effort to save Missouri taxpayers over $180,000 each year.

The Department's Jefferson City Veterinary Laboratory relocated to the State Public Health Lab in a move that reduced lease and utility costs. According to the Office of Administration estimates, these efforts have reduced actual use of leased space by 11,303 square feet, resulting in a cost savings of $116,195 in leasing and $23,000 in energy each year. Other indirect services also associated with the lease resulted in $41,000 in savings.

"Under Gov. Nixon's leadership, this administration understands the importance for state agencies to take every measure possible to reduce costs. The Missouri Department of Agriculture will continue to look for savings," said Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler. "Whether it is a small measure such as reducing supplies or a large measure such as consolidating warehouses and laboratories, we are seeking ways to provide services more efficiently and find savings for Missouri taxpayers."

The state's Veterinary Laboratory is responsible for identifying, controlling and eradicating livestock diseases that threaten the profitability and marketability of Missouri's livestock and producers. The laboratory performs more than 30 tests on Missouri livestock. Stringent animal health regulations and rigorous disease testing help keep Missouri free from costly and threatening livestock diseases. This is accomplished through testing, vaccinations and regulatory programs involving cattle, swine, horses, poultry, exotic animals, sheep, goats and small animals as provided under the Missouri Diseased Animal Law.

In addition to the vet laboratory relocation, the Missouri Wine and Grape Board is planning to consolidate state warehouse space in Jefferson City to better utilize shared storage with other state agencies.

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