November 19, 2020

Urban Agriculture Matching Grant Projects Announced


The Missouri Department of Agriculture announced today that nine projects will receive $50,000 in total funding through the Urban Agriculture Matching Grant. The competitive grant program will reimburse recipients for up to $7,500 in expenses associated with the urban agriculture projects listed below.

“In addition to developing urban agriculture opportunities, we are also thrilled to see that these projects have either a workforce development or job creation component to them,” said Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn. “It is a testament to how public private partnerships can work together for our communities today, while also build a thriving next generation of agriculturalists.”

Eligible projects include urban agricultural projects, which may include introducing a new crop or product to an area, expanding the use of an agricultural product, or adding value to agricultural products. Projects that demonstrate an economic benefit and potential for sustainable revenue generation and job creation will be given priority.

The following projects were awarded grant funding in 2020:

  • GRŌ Farm, St. Louis – $5,000
    Packing and distribution supplies to help connect low-income residents with local food.
  • Dirt Beast Farm, Kansas City – $6,917.63
    Assisting the urban farm with a market on wheels.
  • Alice Blue Collective, St. Louis – $7,350
    Growing the urban flower and produce farm.
  • Agape Grow Education Center, Kansas City – $3,735
    Purchasing equipment to help further process locally grown produce for storage and later use.
  • Young Family Farm, Kansas City – $7,500
    Building a produce wash station and storage unit at the urban farm.
  • Urbavore Urban Farm, Kansas City – $7,500
    Expanding the existing urban produce and livestock farm.
  • Urban Buds, St. Louis – $6,687
    Increasing the footprint of the urban flower farm.
  • EarthDance, Ferguson – $2,300
    Increasing supplies for the urban produce farm.
  • Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council, Kansas City – $3,010.37
    Extending the growing season for urban community garden with additional supplies.

These grant funds are being made available in addition to the 11 projects funded through the Food Insecure Urban Agriculture Matching Grant announced by the Department earlier this month.

More information about the Urban Agriculture Matching Grant can be found at Agriculture.Mo.Gov. To learn more about the Missouri Department of Agriculture and other financial assistance, please visit Agriculture.Mo.Gov.