October 17, 2014

Department of Agriculture Files Hemp Production Rules

Emergency rules go into effect October 18

The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Senior Services have written and filed rules with the Missouri Secretary of State, as directed by House Bill 2238. 2 CSR 70-14.140, relating to the production of cannabidiol oil, and 19 CSR 20-51.010, relating to patient registration cards, can be found online.

Emergency rules 2 CSR 70-14.140, regarding the cultivation and production of hemp for the purpose of producing cannabidiol oil for the treatment of intractable epilepsy, are in effect as of Oct. 18, 2014. The rules will be published in the Missouri Register on Mon., Nov. 3, which will be the first day of the 30 day application period, during which a nonprofit can apply for a hemp production facility license. Up to two licenses will be granted. 

For more information, including details about the application process, visit agriculture.mo.gov.