July 03, 2013

New License Category Now Available to Missouri Egg Producers

Missouri egg producers have a new option when applying for egg licenses beginning this year, a Limited Retail license for individuals selling at farmers' markets and roadside stands. Applications for Missouri egg licenses are available now, online at mda.mo.gov. The 2014 license year began July 1, 2013 and runs through June 30, 2014.

"Missouri's egg producers, retailers and processors all play an important role in maintaining a safe food supply for our consumers," said Dr. Jon Hagler, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. "This new license option will help ensure producers are able to get their eggs to consumers as efficiently as possible while preserving Missouri's food quality and safety.

The new Limited Retail license is available in addition to Retailer, Dealer and Processor licenses. The Limited Retailer category is subject to the same requirements as other license types for labeling cartons of eggs as to the grade, size, and name and address of the producer/retailer.

The Retail license is intended for traditional vendors, such as grocery or convenience stores. The Processor license is meant for any person who uses eggs commercially, with or without adding other ingredients, and the Dealer license is for anyone who buys eggs to sell to a retailer or processor.

The current Egg Law was adopted in 1955 and has changed little since that time. The addition of the Limited Retail license responds to input the Department received from farmers' marketers concerning the need for vendors to maintain both Retail and Dealer licenses while preserving mechanisms for preventing and tracing food safety issues.

Retail and Limited Retail licenses are available for $5, while Dealer and Processor license costs are on a sliding scale commensurate with the number of cases of eggs.

Missouri's 5,382 egg license holders were sent renewal information for the 2013-2014 license period from the Department in early June.

For more information on Missouri's egg licenses and other programs, visit the Department of Agriculture online at mda.mo.gov.