September 12, 2012

Agriculture Officials Suspend Exempt Status of Newton County Meat Processor

The Missouri Department of Agriculture's Meat and Poultry Inspection Program has halted custom exempt processing operations at Braunschweig Meat Processing.

Test results received today, September 12, led members of the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Meat and Poultry Inspection Program to suspend custom exempt processing permissions for the facility in Neosho due to a violation related to the business's potable water supply. The custom exempt processing permissions are to remain suspended until the violation is addressed and documentation of a potable water supply provided to the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Facilities operating under a custom processing exemption, such as Braunschweig Meat Processing, are not allowed to sell those custom products to the public. Custom exempt processing is completed for livestock owners for their own consumption. All custom exempt packaging is specially marked. Retail sales of USDA-inspected meat at Braunschweig Meat Processing are not affected.

Individuals who have recently conducted custom processing business with Braunschweig Meat Processing should carefully examine all items processed by the facility before consuming.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services encourage customers to contact their local health officials with any food safety-related questions and for additional information on sanitation.

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