July 02, 2010

Department of Agriculture Seizes Assets of Appleton City Grain

Producer's claims will be taken July 8-9, July 12-15 in Appleton City

Today, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, with assistance from the Missouri attorney general's office, petitioned the circuit court of St. Clair County to seize the grain inventory of Appleton City Grain, Inc. This action prohibits the facility from conducting grain-related business at this time. The Department of Agriculture's Grain Regulatory Services did not renew Appleton City Grain's operating licenses when the company failed to prove sufficient resources were available to remain solvent.

Department of Agriculture staff will be at Appleton City Grain from 8 a.m. - 5p.m. on July 8-9 and July 12-15 to take claims from Missouri farmers who have grain in storage or are otherwise involved with the company. The facility is located at 302 W. Fourth St., Appleton City, Mo. Producers are asked to bring copies of documentation including sales tickets to support storage claims at the facility.

Questions regarding your claims may be answered by officials at the facility or by contacting Chris Klenklen at (573) 751-4112.