January 07, 2013

Director of Ag to Tour Jefferson City Animal Shelter, Speak About Spay and Neuter Program Tuesday Afternoon

Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler will visit the Jefferson City Animal Shelter Tuesday afternoon for a guided tour of the facility and to promote Missouri's pet spay and neuter grant program. Shelter manager Karen Jennings will lead the tour, which will include cat and dog areas, adoption rooms and the Shelter's on-site veterinary clinic.

During the visit, Dr. Hagler will speak about Missouri's "I'm Pet Friendly" Spay & Neuter Program, which provides grants for spay and neuter services through the sale of "I'm Pet Friendly" specialty license plates. This is the fifth year for the "I'm Pet Friendly" program. The sale of each plate provides $20 for the state's Spay & Neuter Grant Program. Grants are distributed by a committee of three animal care professionals. "I'm Pet Friendly" Spay & Neuter Committee member Theresa Williams of Eldon will join Dr. Hagler for the event.

Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler, Jefferson City Animal Shelter manager Karen Jennings, Pet Spay & Neuter Committee member Theresa Williams

Guided facility tour and promotional event for spay and neuter program

Tue., January 8, 2013
1:00 p.m.

Jefferson City Animal Shelter
2308 Hyde Park Road
Jefferson City, Mo.