1. Webb City Farmers Market – Provide three winter production conferences and two tomato production schools during 2019 and 2020. Each conference and school will be held in a different region of the state providing easier access to farmers - $50,000
  2. University of Missouri – Identify the potential to foster industry-wide collaboration that strengthens Missouri’s specialty crop industry, enhances its competitiveness and enables it to grow its contribution to Missouri’s economy by determining opportunities for collaboration aimed at industry growth- $39,556
  3. University of Missouri - Conduct production trials for novelty melons to determine yield and quality in central, southwest and southeast Missouri. Organize taste testing opportunities for consumer interest at multiple locations around the state - $7,973
  4. University of Missouri - Study the effects of molybdenum applications on grapevine fruit development, phytohormones and wine quality. Determine the molybdenum requirements of grapevines and develop management strategies for grape growers - $36,181
  5. Osage Farmers Alliance - Enhance the wholesale market for locally grown specialty crops in west central Missouri with a focus on Institutional buyers. Demonstrate two examples of specialty crop farms certified for Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) - $50,000
  6. University of Missouri - Develop and distribute low cost irrigation system designs for vegetable, berry, fruit, nut production and small horticultural producers. Irrigation workshops will be held throughout the state - $40,000
  7. University of Missouri - Examine the novel uses of the elderberry (Sambucus Canadensis) and its byproducts in cosmetic, personal care products, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries - $29,500
  8. University of Missouri - Develop detailed production information for five specialty crops – asparagus, honeydew, onion, raspberry and strawberry for Missouri production. Information will be disseminated through Agriculture Opportunities in Missouri, an online educational platform that provides a suite of decision tools that producers can use to evaluate specialty crop production - $27,624
  9. University of Missouri - Research the production and marketing of the North American pawpaw (Asimina Triloba) by conducting production analysis, market research, consumer research and financial analysis. Development of an in-depth Production and Marketing Guide and Financial Decision Support Tool - $29,751
  10. Columbia Farmers Market - Develop a marketing campaign to promote locally grown specialty crops at the Farmers’ Market within Columbia’s new Agriculture Park - $50,000
  11. Community Action Agency of St. Louis County, Inc. - Promote the viability of the green tomato as a specialty crop in urban markets. Recipes will be produced, adult preservation classes will be held along with a “Grow It, Try It, Like It” curriculum for kindergarteners - $25,000
  12. Kansas City Community Gardens - Providing garden tools, soil amendments, construction materials, specialty seeds and plants and ongoing technical assistance to support existing and new Community Partner Gardens in the Kansas City area- $20,444