The Agriculture Business Development Division helps create opportunities for success for Missouri’s farmers and agribusinesses. The Division’s staff help facilitate growth in Missouri’s agriculture-based businesses by providing business counseling, information and training on a sector-by-sector basis. Areas of specialization include capitalization, business planning, marketing, industry development, product and brand development and organizational structures. Staff also helps facilitate growth in Missouri’s agriculture-based industries by working with key partners such as universities, associates, private sector partners and federal and state agencies to aid in the growth of each sector.


Jill Wood, Division Director
(573) 522-1796

Lacey Roark, Division Secretary
(573) 751-4762

Domestic & International Marketing Staff

Taylor Adamek, Program Manager
(573) 751-5019

Dallas Breshears, Marketing Specialist
(573) 526-4849

Abby Dowden, Marketing Specialist
(573) 751-7213

Jennifer Kliethermes, Marketing Specialist
(573) 751-5611

Missouri Trade & Investment Office - Taiwan
Hank Ma, Director
Room 7B-10 & 7B-11, CETRA
5 Hsin Yi Road, Section 5
Taipei 110, Taiwan, ROC
Phone: + [886] 2 2725 1622
Fax: + [886] 2 2723 2731
Phoebe Chen, International Trade Specialist

Missouri Grown

Taylor Tuttle, Program Manager
(573) 522-4170

Whitney Williams, Marketing Specialist
(573) 751-7794

Alexis Jose, Marketing Specialist
(573) 751-8596

Katie Luebbering, Marketing Specialist
(573) 526-3608

Delaney Schmidt, Marketing Specialist
(573) 751-8187

Market News

Tony Hancock, Market News Manager
(573) 751-3459

Caroline Tyler-Carter, Public Information Coordinator
(573) 522-1534

Market Reporters:
Market Reporters:
Keith Hyde: Joplin, Phillipsburg, Diamond (Sheep/Goat), Buffalo (Sheep/Goat), and Norwood (Sheep/Goat)
Dan Trickey: Kingsville, Windsor, and Butler
Greg Harrison: Montgomery County (Sheep/Goat), Bowling Green, Macon, and Kingdom City
Dan Hill: West Plains
Tracey Thompson: New Cambria, Unionville, and Green City
Duane Robertson: Cuba & Vienna
Dennis Nagel: Farmington and Jackson (Cattle and Sheep/Goat)
Grace Erickson: Springfield and Phillipsburg

Relief Market Reporters:

Steve Disselhorst: Palmyra: Palmyra

Don Kleiboeker

Doug Evans: Tina

Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority

Jill S. Wood, Executive Director
(573) 751-5624

Kate Haarmann, Loan Officer

Jacob Stoehr, Loan Officer

Danielle Weed, Accountant
(573) 522-2446

Marla Young, Loan Officer
(573) 751-2670

Board of Directors

Karisha Devlin, Chair
Edina, MO

Brian Gerau, Vice-Chair
Cape Girardeau, MO

Chris Chinn, Director
Jefferson City, MO

Kelly Forck
Jefferson City, MO

Morris Heitman
Mound City, MO

Sherry Jones
Dawn, MO

Kade McBroom
Qulin, MO

Billy Thiel
Marshall, MO