1. 196.935 RSMo provides for the sale and/or delivery of raw milk from a producer to an individual for that individual’s own use. The Missouri Attorney General Office has interpreted the point of origin of the sale of raw milk is the producer’s farm.
  2. Attorney General Opinion 113-73 further interprets 196.935 saying that a dairy farmers cannot sell raw milk from a distribution center off site.
  3. Attorney General Opinion 114-75 answers a question regarding the legal selling of raw milk and compliance with Code of State Regulations (CSR) that set our regulations for bottling, capping, and labeling. Sanitary inspections, label approval, capping and bottling equipment approval and installation and raw milk plant licensure rules and regulations are set forth in http://s1.sos.mo.gov/cmsimages/adrules/csr/current/2csr/2c80-3.pdf.
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