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The FY23 Food Insecure Urban Agriculture Matching Grant Program is funded through the Missouri Department of Agriculture. This grant is for reimbursement of expenses associated with addressing food insecurity in urban areas. Projects should support farmers’ markets, apiary programs and other economic development initiatives, and they should increase food production and availability. This is a competitive grant program and funds may be used to:

  • Reduce food insecurity in urbanized areas
  • Increase food production and availability to local residents within an urbanized area
  • Develop production infrastructure and direct distribution venues, and reconstruct product facilities
  • Demonstrate growth of local economic communities
  • Increase local economic impact
  • Enhance already established areas within a community and provide assistance to the community

General Information and Submission Guidelines

Program funds available:
Maximum award amount:
Deadline for submission:
Anticipated award date:
Supply reimbursement request due:
Final Reports Due:
Inspection Completed by:
Projects must be complete or near completion at time of inspection.

up to $500,000
August 31, 2022
September 2022
November 30, 2022
April 1, 2023
May 1, 2023

Available funds are for the current 2023 fiscal year. Failure to complete documentation by April 1, 2023, will result in the forfeiture of funds.

Applicants must meet ALL following requirements to be eligible for a grant award:

Eligible projects must benefit residents affected by food insecurity and must reside within one of the following urban areas, as designated by the Missouri Census Data Center:

  • Cape Girardeau
  • Columbia
  • Jefferson City
  • Joplin
  • Kansas City
  • Lee's Summit
  • Springfield
  • St. Joseph
  • St. Louis

Awardees must attend an overview training provided by MDA staff.

Reimbursements will only be made for expenditures accrued during the grant period and for detailed receipts submitted with a $0 balance statement included.

Examples of eligible expenses:

  • Project-approved supplies
  • Reconstruction of facilities
  • Expansion of current facilities
  • Feasibility study

Examples of ineligible expenses:

  • Food purchases
  • Fuel expenses
  • Salaries/payroll for employees
  • Donations/contributions to fundraisers
  • Supplies/expenses not previously approved
  • Vehicles
  • Building lease costs
  • Costs incurred through other MDA financial opportunities

Applicants must provide at minimum a $.25:$1 match for the project. Matching funds can be cash and in-kind. A cash match must be equal to or greater than 50% of the total match for eligibility.

The applicant must be registered to do business in Missouri and in good standing with the Secretary of State, if applicable. Visit for more information.

The applicant must complete and submit Form 943 to obtain a tax clearance certificate (valid for 90 days) from the Missouri Department of Revenue for each owner and the business. For more info, visit

The applicant must not employ illegal workers and must provide proof of enrollment in E-Verify. An MOU issued from must be provided to MDA.

Prior to award reimbursement, the applicant must register as a vendor with the State of Missouri through the MissouriBUYS web portal.

Successful applicants must complete and submit ALL required documentation, including detailed zero balance statements by November 30, 2022 and a final report no later than April 1, 2023.

Projects must be ready for inspection by Missouri Department of Agriculture staff prior to reimbursement of any funds. Project should be complete or near completion at the time of inspection. Inspections will be completed by May 1, 2023.

For additional guidance, please refer to the slides provided here.