Export Documentation

When preparing Export Documentation, the exporter needs to be aware of documentation requirements. Some countries require a Certificate of Free Sale and/or a Health & Sanitary Certificate to accompany agricultural products, and the Missouri Department of Agriculture is pleased that we can continue to provide this export documentation and assistance at no cost to Missouri-based companies and Missouri manufacturing plants. Please allow up to five business days for processing.

Request an Export Certificate

Request Procedure

In order to fulfill your certificate request, we ask that you complete our online Request Form, attach the supporting documentation, and submit it to our Agriculture Business Development Division. Please read through the entire request form for instruction and to ensure a timely completion. You can view examples of our standard certificate language above by viewing the templates below.

Thank you for your cooperation and allowing us to serve you. If you have any questions concerning this procedure, please contact the International Business Development team at (573) 751-4339 or by e-mail at abd@mda.mo.gov.

Additional Resources for Export Documents