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The Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratories are operated under the direction of the state veterinarian. The laboratories were established to help the division identify, control and eradicate those livestock diseases that threaten the profitability and marketability of Missouri’s livestock and livestock products. In January 1994 the division was granted the authority to charge fees for a variety of other diagnostic services. The fees were established to help offset the cost of maintaining the laboratories and to upgrade equipment so that new and advanced tests can be run.

The Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratories offer the diagnostic service listed at the bottom of the page. All services listed are not available at both state laboratories. If you are unsure about where to send a sample for testing, please contact the state laboratory nearest you:

Missouri Department of Agriculture Animal Health Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories

Jefferson City Location
Located within the State Public Health Laboratory

US Mail Address:
PO Box 630
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Street Address:
101 N. Chestnut Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Hand delivered samples need to be taken to the building's loading dock where instructions can be found to call for pick-up.

Phone: (573) 751-3460
Fax: (573) 751-5279
E-mail: andy.heimericks@mda.mo.gov
Directions to Laboratory
Jefferson City Lab Sample Submission Form

Springfield Location
701 North Miller Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802
Phone: (417) 895-6861
Fax: (417) 831-4766
E-mail: brian.collins@mda.mo.gov
Directions to Laboratory
Springfield Lab Sample Submission Form

Samples will be referred to appropriate laboratories for tests not done at the Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratories. The charge for this service will include charges from the referral laboratory plus a $5 handling fee.

The veterinarian, company or business requesting the service shall be responsible for paying for laboratory services. Further laboratory services will not be performed if an account is more than 90 days overdue. Uncollectible checks or other uncollectible financial instruments will be charged an additional $25.


All samples must be submitted on official forms and must be complete and legible. Test charts and samples improperly submitted may be returned to the veterinarian for correction.

Additional copies of a test chart will be provided upon request at a cost of 25¢/per page. Upon request, test results can be faxed at a cost of 25¢/per page.

No fees will be charged for disease tests that are included in a state and federal cooperative program. Fees for nonprogram services performed at the Animal Health Laboratories are outlined in the links below.

Laboratory Fees: (Are Not Refundable)


Lab Test Fees
API Inquire
Avian Fungal Culture (litter) $14.70
Avian Influenza AGID $1.05
Avian Infuenza Antigen Detection (per test) $12.60
Avian Influenza ELISA (per sample) $3.15
Bordetella Elisa $1.85
Hatchery Fluff Bacterial Counts $10.50
Hemorrhagie Enteritis ELISA $1.85
MG HI Serology Fee $0.80
MG Rapid Plate Test or ELISA $0.45
MM HI Serology Fee $0.80
MM Rapid Plate Test or ELISA $0.45
MS HI Serology Fee $0.80
MS Rapid Plate Test or ELISA $0.45
Mycoplasma PCR, DNA Probe $21.00
Newcastle ELISA $1.55
NPIP Salmonella Screen $10.50
Pasturella Elisa $1.05
Salmonella Pullorum Microtiter (per sample) $0.10
Salmonella Pullorum Rapid Plate $0.15
Salmonella Pullorum Tube Agglutination $0.30
Salmonella Typhimurium Tube Agglutination $0.30


Lab Test Fees
Aerobic Bacterial Culture (except blood) $21.00
Aerobic Culture plus Salmonella Screen $22.05
Anaerobic Bacterial Culture (per sample) $26.25
Antimicrobial Susceptibility $21.55
Brucella Canis Culture $12.60
Fungal Culture $19.95
Isolation and Identification (per sample) $15.00
Johnes Culture $18.90
Milk Culture & Sensitivity $25.20
Mycoplasma Culture $36.75

Clinical Pathology

Lab Test Fees
Direct Fecal Smear $5.25
Fecal Flotation $7.35
Cytology and Fluid Analysis
Gram’s Stain $5.25

Meat Inspection Program Testing

Lab Test Fees
Antibiotic Residue $47.25
Campylobacter screen $21.00
Campylobacter Verification $26.25
E. Coli 0157:H7 PCR $21.00
E. Coli 0157:H7 Verification $52.50
E. Coli STEC PCR $21.00
E. Coli STEC Verification $367.50
Generic E-Coli Surveillance $18.90
Listeria spp. PCR $21.00
Listeria spp. Verification $21.00
Meat-Aerobic Plate Count Petrifilm $10.00
pH Determination $15.75
Salmonella PCR $21.00
Salmonella Verification $7.35
Water Activity $26.25

Milk Tests

Lab Test Fees
Cryoscope $10.00
Direct Microcopic Somatic Cell Count (DMSCC) $4.50
High Sensitivity Coliform Plate Count (HSCC) $8.00
Inhibitors (Delvo) $8.00
Inhibitors (Snap) $17.00
Milk-Aerobic Plate Count Petrifilm $10.00
Milk-Coliform Petrifilm $10.00
Milk-Coliform VRB Culture $10.00
Phosphatase $19.00

Molecular Diagnostics

Necropsy Fee
Avian Influenza PCR $21.00
African Swine Fever PCR $20.00
Classical Swine Fever PCR $20.00
Foot & Mouth Disease PCR $20.00
Johnes PCR, DNA Probe $26.25
Johne's Pooling (per sample) $31.50
Newcastle Disease Virus PCR $21.00
Salmonella PCR $21.00
Tritrichomonas Foetus PCR $26.25
Tritrichomonas Foetus PCR Pooling $31.50


Necropsy Fee
Transfer Media & Other Supplies/Reagent Inquire
Custom Testing Procedures Inquire
Postage Due Inquire
Pullorum Testing Equipment and Antigen Inquire


Necropsy Fee
Gross Necropsy Exam $55.00
Gross Necropsy with Bacterial Culture $68.25
Special Procedures Inquire


Lab Test Fee
Anaplasmosis ELISA (per sample) $5.25
Bluetongue ELISA (per sample) $5.25
Bovine Leukosis ELISA (per sample) $5.25
Bovine Pregnancy ELISA (1-4 samples) $5.25
Bovine Pregnancy ELISA (5 or more) $3.20
Brucella canis CARD (per sample) $21.00
Brucella canis ELISA (1-10 samples) $6.30
Brucella canis ELISA (11 or more samples) $4.20
Brucella canis Tube Agg (TAT) (1-10 samples) $6.30
Brucella canis Tube Agg (TAT) (11 or more samples) $4.20
Brucella melintensis $3.00
Brucella ovis ELISA $10.00
Brucella species BAPA $4.00
Brucella species BBA $3.00
Brucella species FP verification $6.00
Brucella species SPT $3.00
Brucella species STT $5.00
EIA AGID (per sample) $5.25
EIA ELISA (per sample) $8.40
Johne’s ELISA (per sample) $5.25
PRV ELISA (per sample) $2.10