Protecting Missouri's Agriculture

Missouri is one of the most diversified agriculture states in the nation. Its agricultural industry is vulnerable to agri-terrorism due to the endless miles of fields and pastures.

The need for constant improvement of Agri-Security awareness and best practices is crucial to the agriculture community. Agri-Security efforts by farmers and ranchers will greatly aide in the prevention of acts of terrorism.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has an on-going awareness training program designed to help get information to those who need it most. Our work with the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association, U.S. Department of Agriculture and other relative agencies and associations is dedicated to protecting our agricultural products.

Reporting unusual circumstances regardless of where they occur will aide in the effort to keep our industry safe and viable.

MDA offers a variety of Agricultural Risk Awareness and Bio-Security sessions, to include training specifically designed for first responders, producers and emergency management directors. To find a training session near you, please visit:

State Emergency Management Agency Training and Exercise Center

If you are interested in hosting a training session in your county, contact (573) 751-2539.

More useful links:

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