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About the Missouri Agribusiness Academy

Agriculture has a tremendous impact on our nation’s economy, and Missouri is at the heart of this industry. It is important that young people carry on the tradition and heritage of those who have made this state the agricultural leader it is today and develop the skills necessary to continue that legacy in the future.

Since 1988, the Missouri Agribusiness Academy (MAbA) has awarded 1,000 academy memberships through a competitive application and interview process. To be eligible for the Missouri Agribusiness Academy, students must come from a farming family or be an active member of the National FFA Organization or 4-H. The 2021 MAbA class will tour agribusinesses, explore educational opportunities and meet with agricultural leaders in the Mid-Missouri area from June 7-9, 2021.

Congratulations to the Missouri Agribusiness Academy Class of 2021!

Additional photos of previous Missouri Agribusiness Academy tours are available on the Department’s Flickr stream, online at flickr.com/moagriculture.

Northeast Distict

  • Image of Calvin Karson

    Calvin Karson
    Troy, MO

  • Image of Natalie Kientzy

    Natalie Kientzy
    Silex, MO

  • Image of Kelsey Miller

    Kelsey Miller
    Jonesburg, MO

  • Image of Ashley Sjostrand

    Ashley Sjostrand
    Silex, MO

  • Image of Lauren Triplett

    Lauren Triplett
    Rutledge, MO

Central Distict

  • Image of Lauren Bailey

    Lauren Bailey
    Clinton, MO

  • Image of Trey Hoffman

    Trey Hoffman
    Archie, MO

  • Image of Karli James

    Karli James
    Appleton City, MO

  • Image of Josie Moore

    Josie Moore
    Harrisonville, MO

  • Image of Gabrielle Rohrbach

    Gabrielle Rohrbach
    California, MO

Southeast Distict

  • Image of Emma Cummings<

    Emma Cummings
    Ste. Genevieve, MO

  • Image of Colton Essner

    Colton Essner
    Benton, MO

  • Image of Noah Graham

    Noah Graham
    Patterson, MO

  • Image of Wyatt Hendley

    Wyatt Hendley
    Bloomfield, MO

  • Image of Audrie Sievers

    Audrie Sievers
    Poplar Bluff, MO

Southwest Distict

  • Image of Braden Booth

    Braden Booth
    Fair Grove, MO

  • Image of Hannah Fehring

    Hannah Fehring
    Neosho, MO

  • Image of Mason Forkner

    Mason Forkner
    Richards, MO

  • Image of Owen Neely

    Owen Neely
    South Greenfield, MO

  • Image of Caleb Simpson

    Caleb Simpson
    Bolivar, MO

South Central Distict

  • Image of Olivia Helmig

    Olivia Helmig
    Linn, MO

  • Image of Isabella Kamler

    Isabella Kamler
    Cuba, MO

  • Image of Alexandra Moore

    Alexandra Moore
    Cuba, MO

  • Image of Kristin Riecke

    Kristin Riecke
    Linn, MO

  • Image of Gabriel Todd

    Gabriel Todd
    Mountain Grove, MO

Northwest Distict

  • Image of Samuel Derks

    Samuel Derks
    King City, MO

  • Image of Lane Dowell

    Lane Dowell
    Gallatin, MO

  • Image of Wyatt Gilmer

    Wyatt Gilmer
    Polo, MO

  • Image of Braden Graves

    Braden Graves
    Fairfax, MO

  • Image of Claire Walker

    Claire Walker
    Chillicothe, MO

About the Application Process

Applicants will be sorted into six geographical regions and five students from each region will attend the Missouri Agribusiness Academy. The applicant’s region is determined by the county of their high school’s physical location. Student’s will be evaluated and compared only to the other applicants in their region. A link to the MAbA district map is below.

Written applications are scored by a panel of independent judges. The top ten applicants per region will move into the semi-finals and will be invited to an interview. Semi-finalists must attend an in-person interview. The five applicants with the highest combined written and interview scores from each region will be selected to participate in the Missouri Agribusiness Academy.