EPA has approved new Enlist One, EPA Reg. No. 62719-695; and Enlist Duo, EPA Reg. No. 62719-649; labels for use on Enlist corn, soybeans, and cotton. Registrations will expire in 2029. Some of the requirements of these labels include:

  • Enlist One and Enlist Duo are restricted from use in five Missouri counties: Barton, Bates, Cedar, St. Clair, and Vernon.
  • Requiring a downwind buffer of 30 feet to protect sensitive areas.
  • Requiring an Endangered Species Bulletin check within six months before application.
  • Requiring a sensitive crop registry check before application.
  • No application when rainfall is predicted within 48 hours.
  • Only approved tank mixes, nozzles and pressures allowed.
  • Not approved for applications after R1 growth stage in soybeans and first white bloom in cotton.

Applicators should use these products in accordance with label directions. For more information, please visit the Enlist registration page (source: EPA website)

2,4-D labels

Product Name U.S. EPA Section 3 Label
Enlist One
(EPA Registration Number 62719-695)
Engenia Herbicide US EPA Section 3 label

Expires Jan. 11, 2029

Enlist Duo
(EPA Registration Number 62719-649)
Xtendimax Herbicide US EPA Section 3 label

Expires Jan. 11, 2029

For information on Enlist application requirements, trainings, and tank mix/nozzles uses, visit: https://www.enlist.com/en/enlist-ahead.html

Report Pesticide Drift Damage

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