Pesticide Applicator & Dealer License Fee Changes

Due to the recent passing of Senate Bill 133, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Pesticide Control, has made changes relating to the increase of license fees. Effective September 1, 2019, all pesticide applicators and pesticide dealers license fees will increase.

Below is a chart with the NEW license fee amount.

Missouri Pesticide Applicator & Pesticide Dealer License Fees

License Type License Fee
Certified Commercial Applicator $65
Certified Noncommercial Applicator $35
Pesticide Dealer $35
Pesticide Technician $35

Applicators, Dealers, Technicians and Operators

The Missouri Pesticide Use Act establishes requirements for licensing of applicators, dealers, technicians and operators. There are also guidelines for approving applicator training programs.


There are several types of pesticide licenses. To learn more about a specific license select from the list below:

Pesticide Exams

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has retained the services of Pearson VUE to administer our pesticide examinations. To learn more about the exam process or to register for an exam, click here.

Training & Recertification

Section 281.100 and 2 CSR 70-25.050 (2) of the Missouri Pesticide Use Act and regulations authorizes the Missouri Department of Agricultures Bureau of Pesticide Control, to establish minimum criteria for recertifying Missouri certified Commercial and Noncommercial Pesticide Applicators and Public Operators. To learn more about recertification guidelines, click here.

Applications and Forms