The Bureau of Feed, Seed and Treated Timber administers laws and regulations to ensure that agricultural, vegetable, and lawn seeds are labeled consistently and accurately. The seed label must include a total percentage of germination and purity (total of pure crop seed, other crop seed, inert material, and weed seed.) Noxious weeds must be listed as none or zero, or must be expressed in numbers per pound by the maximum allowed tolerance, as outlined in the Missouri Seed Law and Regulations manual. If the seed has been treated with a poisonous compound, then an appropriate warning as to danger to man or animal must be labeled. Other items listed on the label must be: name and address of the labeler, kind (or kind and variety) of the seed, lot number of the seed, date of germination testing, net weight, and origin of the seed. Missouri does allow the statement "variety not stated" to be used. The program conducts routine inspection of all in-state warehouses and of retail facilities selling seed, both from in-state and out-of-state labelers.

Approximately 5,368 official tests on 2,849 samples of seed were performed in 2017 for compliance to proper labeling. Distributors of seeds found to be labeled with incorrect information were immediately issued a "stop sale." The overall labeling compliance rate for 2017 was 97.60 percent. Another 518 samples of seed were tested as a service to farmers and distributors with carry-over seed to ensure the quality of seed and to prevent the spread of prohibited and restricted weeds in Missouri.

Missouri Seed Law (266.011-266.111 RSMo).
Missouri Seed Regulations (2 CSR 70-

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Food Safety & Quality Assurance

The Bureau of Feed, Seed and Treated Timber administers the Missouri Seed law. The program is designed to monitor the sale of seed sold in or into the state of Missouri. All sellers of seed are required to have a seed permit for any type of seed sales performed. This is designed to identify locations of seed being sold for observation of compliance with Seed Law Regulations.

Test dates are routinely checked on seed products. The test date stated on the labeling can be no more than ten months prior to the date of exposure for sale. We sampled 2,849 lots of seed and tested against labeled guarantees. Sixty-eight (68) Stop Sale Orders were issued. Our compliance rate for 2017 was 97.60%.

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