In 2018, the bureau officially sampled and tested 2,583 lots of seed. As a result of seed failing to meet its labeled guarantees, 163 stop-sale orders were issued. This resulted in a compliance rate of 93.69 percent compared to 97.60 percent in 2017.

The Missouri Seed Control Laboratory tested 296 service samples in 2018. A total of 2,879 official and service samples were tested in 2018 resulting in a total of 4,703 individual tests performed.

All seed retailers are required to have their seed retested for germination every 10 months (counting the month the seed was retested.) Seed lots found to be out of test date will be placed on stop sale order until the seed has been retested and a new test date and germination rate is placed on the label or the seed is disposed of in an acceptable manner.

The Bureau of Feed and Seed offers many seed sampling and seed testing services. The charges for analysis and analytical reports on seed samples are listed in the Missouri Seed Law Rules 2CSR 70-35.050.

Missouri Seed Law (266.011-266.111 RSMo).
Missouri Seed Regulations (2 CSR 70-

Seed dealers may now purchase a new license or renew established seed permits online
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Submitting Seed Service Samples
2018 Seed Summary Results

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