The Bureau of Pesticide Control conducts enforcement and inspection activities under the authority of the Missouri Pesticide Use Act and Administrative Rules (281.005 - 281.180 RSMo & 2 CSR 70-25). There are several types of investigations and inspections conducted by Bureau field staff. These may include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Pesticide Use and Follow-up
  • Applicator Establishment
  • Marketplace
  • Records of Use and Sales
  • Direct Supervision of Technicians
  • Producer Establishment
  • Experimental Use

When an individual suspects that damage has occurred from a pesticide application he or she may contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture in Jefferson City to file a complaint about the possible misuse of a pesticide by any applicator. An investigator for the area in which the application was made is notified to make an investigation of the incident as soon as possible.

This investigation includes:

  • The taking of a statement from the complainant concerning the alleged misuse of a pesticide.
  • The taking of a statement from the applicator concerning the pesticide application in question.
  • The taking of samples of items possibly contaminated by the pesticide and submitting same to the laboratory for analyses.
  • The determination of weather conditions at the time of the alleged application; and
  • Gathering any other data which the investigator feels contributes meaningful and factual information to the investigation of the complaint.

All information which is gathered is compiled and reviewed to determine what action, if any, is to be taken. If it is determined that regulatory action is to be taken against a person or persons, provisions are to pursue civil penalties or criminal misdemeanor charges in the county of occurrence. Some investigations may warrant referrals to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Department of Health or other local, state or federal agency for regulatory action. Upon completion of the investigation a copy of the report may be made available to any of the parties involved.

Each Pesticide Incident Report received will be reviewed to determine if an investigation is warranted. Complaints not related to pesticide use will not be investigated. If no investigation is initiated, an explanation will be provided to the sender.

For further information contact the Pesticide Program.