Individuals who use or determine the need for the use of pesticides, under the direct supervision of a certified commercial applicator, in Ornamental and Turf Pest Control, General Structural Pest Control, or Termite Pest Control must be licensed as a pesticide technician.

The following is a brief summary of pesticide technician requirements:

  1. Within 45 days of hiring a person as a pesticide technician trainee:
    1. The trainee must successfully complete the approved training program; and
    2. The employer or certified applicator must submit a notice of training form, Pesticide Technician Application form, and the $35.00 technician license fee. (Non-Missouri residents must also submit a Non-Resident Agent Form.)

For more information contact the Pesticide Program.

NOTE: The Missouri Department of Agriculture is now offering preapproved technician training programs for Ornamental and Turf Pest Control (MDA-3), General Structural Pest Control (MDA-7A), and Termite Pest Control (MDA-7B). Please see the below guidelines and technician training program outlines.