To report a tip about an agriculture crime, contact the Livestock and Farm Protection Task Force hotline at (888) 484-8477. Calls are taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week and callers may remain anonymous.

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Livestock & Farm Protection signs are available for $10 through the Agriculture Business Development Division. To purchase, call (573) 751-4762 or email

Rural crimes are classified by the Missouri State Highway Patrol as burglaries and theft of equipment, fuel, livestock, chemicals, grain and metal, as well as property damage or arson.

Since 2009, law enforcement officials have investigated more than 1300 incidents and recovered more than $6 million in agricultural property.

In conjunction with the Livestock and Farm Protection Task Force and Sheriff's Departments, the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Rural Crimes Investigative Unit has hosted regional trainings for lead investigators and civilians. The training addresses rural crime problems, recovery, challenges and solutions by exploring the growing problem of rural crimes, especially livestock and equipment theft. In addition, the training addresses the latest equipment security technology.

Rural Crimes Investigative Unit (RCIU)

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