Missouri’s Aquaculture Program promotes aquaculture production to customers in both domestic and international markets. Missouri fish production includes warm and cold water species, bait, ornamental, food fish, and fish for stocking. In addition, several Missouri companies provide supplies or services that support the industry. For more information on aquaculture organizations in Missouri, please visit the Missouri Aquaculture Association’s website.

The Aquaculture Program offers industry information and assistance for:

  • beginning an aquatic business
  • meeting state and federal regulations
  • marketing Missouri aquaculture production

Missouri Aquaculture Directory

The Missouri Aquaculture Directory covers the entire aquaculture industry in Missouri and lists aquaculture producers, suppliers and information resources for the aquaculture industry.

Buying aquaculture products and supplies from businesses listed in this directory helps to support Missouri companies and may save you money. It might also help you avoid buying live fish locally that are not produced in Missouri. Many people don’t understand that fish sold at their local feed or hardware store during “fish days” may not be Missouri produced. Depending on how they were handled and how far they have been hauled, loads of out-of-state fish may be more susceptible to disease and may contain exotic animals or pathogens. When pond owners buy fish from a reputable, Missouri producer they can rest assured they are getting a quality product and valuable after-the-sale care.

The information contained in this searchable directory is the latest provided to the Aquaculture Program. To be included in the listing or for further information, please contact the Aquaculture Program.

Missouri Aquaculture Directory