I just received a Withdrawal from Distribution Order. What do I need to do to get it released?

The first step is to contact our office at (573) 751-4310 or email FSTT@mda.mo.gov to get your release approved prior to any further distribution. Methods of release include: relabeling, reprocessing, destroying, donating or the product could have all been sold prior to receiving the withdrawal.

Who needs a Missouri Commercial Feed License?

  • Manufacturer – those who grind, mix or blend, or further process a commercial feed or feed ingredient for distribution within the state
  • Distributor – those who sell, exchange, or barter commercial feed within or into the state; or supply furnish, or otherwise provide commercial feed within or into the state
  • Guarantor – those who put their name on the label to take responsibility of a commercial feed or commercial feed ingredient
  • Independent Consultant – any person who provides animal nutritional formulation to a feed purchaser for a fee rather than the sale of feed. (Veterinarians actively treating an identified animal are exempt.)
  • Feed licenses reflect on the individual location. If you open a second location that meets the above criteria, you will need a second license.
  • Locations that are retail only do not need a license.
  • How much is a Missouri Commercial Feed License?

    A Commercial Feed License in Missouri is $35 annually, valid from July 1 to June 30.

    Can I pay for my license, tonnage or pet food registrations online?

    Yes, you may apply for or renew your feed license, register pet food products, and file current tonnage reports online by logging into MOPlants.

    The online portal will accept most major credit cards and e-checks.
    If you have trouble logging in, or need assistance with creating an online account, please contact our office at (573) 751-4310.

    Do I have to report tonnage?

    Everyone who holds a Missouri Commercial Feed License is required to submit a tonnage report on a quarterly basis, unless they sell pet food products exclusively in packages in 10 pounds or less or specialty pet (caged or tank) food products exclusively in packages of 1 pound or less. Those not reporting tonnage are required to have their products registered annually.

    How do I submit my tonnage report?

    Tonnage reports can be submitted by either (1) returning the completed form that was mailed to you with the appropriate fees, if applicable, or (2) by filing your report online through logging into MOPlants. If you did not receive a paper form that was mailed to you, a blank form is available on our Forms page.

    How do I calculate my tonnage/inspection fee?

    The amount due will depend on the amount of tons bought and/or sold into or within the State of Missouri. A tonnage fee of $0.14 per ton or $5, whichever is greater, is to be paid quarterly on all feed or feed ingredients bought and/or sold.*

    Tonnage reports that are postmarked after the “due without penalty if postmarked by” date will have an additional late fee of 20% of the total inspection fee due or $5, whichever is greater. This date is specific to each quarter and can be located on the top right corner of the report or on the Fee Schedule.

    *Exception: companies who have submitted a product registration for the tonnage year, and who have no other feed or feed ingredient sales, are exempt from paying the quarterly tonnage inspection fees. However, they are still required to fill out the tonnage form and submit it to the Missouri Department of Agriculture on a quarterly basis.

    What is product registration?

    Product registration is the requirement to register each product of pet food (dogs and cats), sold exclusively in packages of 10 pounds or less, or specialty pet food (cage or tank animals) sold exclusively in packages of 1 pound or less. Registration fees are as follows:

    • Pet food (dog and cat) is $90 per product. *Unless firm signs an affirmation claiming their total gross annual sales were less than $5,000. If affirmation is approved, the fee is reduced to $25 per product.
    • Specialty pet feed (cage or tank) is $90 per product.

    The registration for each product is valid from January 1 to December 31 and is renewed annually. New products can be registered at any time throughout the year. A blank form is available on our Forms page.

    Are rawhides/chews/bones required to be registered annually?

    Ultimately this depends on the labeling.
    • As a general rule, no. Rawhides and bones are exempt from registration and state labeling requirements.
    • However, if product includes feed ingredients or makes any label claim that the product provides anything of nutritional value to the animal, that product will be required to be registered and follow all state labeling requirements.
      • Label claim examples of products requiring registration: “Made with Real Chicken,” “High Protein,” “Bacon Wrapped Bone,” “Highly Digestible.”

    If I launch a new product after the registration deadline, when do I need to make the registration payment?

    Payment for all new registered products, regardless of date, must be submitted prior to the sale of that product. For info on how to register a new product, see the Forms page.

    Can I send in my pet food labels on a disc or a flash drive?

    Yes, you can submit electronic files on a CD or a USB Flash Drive instead of sending your labels on paper. There is an option to use our online portal to upload the files directly into the database.

    What information is required to be displayed on my pet food and treat labels?

    • Product and brand name on the principle display panel
    • Intended species on the principle display panel
    • Quantity statement on the principle display panel
    • Guaranteed Analysis in the following order: Crude Protein (minimum percentage), Crude Fat (minimum percentage), Crude Fiber (maximum percentage), Moisture (maximum percentage), additional guarantees shall follow moisture.
    • Calorie content (This is not required in Missouri but may be required in other states)
    • Statement of ingredients
    • Statement of nutritional adequacy
      • Not required for products clearly and conspicuously identified on the Principle Display Panel as a “treat” or “supplement"
    • Feeding directions
    • Name and street address of the manufacturer or guarantor of the pet food
    • Reference: Guide to Making and Selling Pet Treats in Missouri