Commercial Feed License Application
The Missouri Commercial Feed Law requires that all companies have a Missouri Commercial Feed License who are manufacturing, distributing, or whose name appears on the labeling as guarantor, or any person acting as an independent consultant of a commercial feed or commercial feed ingredient – this includes pet food (dog and cat – including treats) as well as specialty pet (cage and tank). This license application fee is $35 and must be renewed annually. License renewals for the next year will either be mailed or emailed to you. You will need a license before selling in Missouri, even if you are exclusively selling online.

Apply for new/renew feed online by visiting MOPlants or submit a check using form below.


Product Listing of Pet Foods and Specialty Pet Foods
Pet food (cat and dog), sold exclusively in 10 pound packages or less, and specialty pet food (cage and tank), sold exclusively in one pound packages or less, must be registered annually on a product listing form. Product registrations are effective from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Renewals will be mailed for updates and completion near the end of each calendar year. Product registrations/renewals have an accompanying fee of $90/product, in lieu of the inspection fee associated with the tonnage report. In cases where a pet food product is sold in both sizes (larger and smaller than 10 pounds), and specialty pet food sold in both sizes (larger and smaller than one pound), the product is only required to be reported on the quarterly tonnage report. The inspection fee ($0.14/ton) is the only fee that applies. Please send in new/revised product labels with Product Listing Forms.

There is a reduced product registration fee of $25/product for companies whose total gross annual sales do not exceed $5,000. Additional information will be required in order to receive the reduced fee. If you believe this applies to your company, contact our office staff for further assistance.

Register pet food products online by visiting MOPlants or submit a check using form below.


Missouri Feed Tonnage Report
All commercial feeds sold in Missouri must be reported in tons on a quarterly basis. Tonnage reports are mailed to companies at the end of each quarter. There is an inspection fee of $0.14 per ton, which applies to all feeds, feed ingredients, and pet/specialty pet foods. The minimum quarterly inspection fee is $5. Tonnage shall not be reported for those products that are registered.

To view the current deferment list click here

File current tonnage report online by visiting MOPlants or submit a check using form below.


Application for Deferment List
If you would like to be considered for inclusion on the deferment List, submit the completed application. For additional questions about deferment, contact our office.



Missouri Seed Permit
The Missouri Seed Law requires any person who sells, distributes, offers or exposes for sale any agricultural or vegetable seed in the state of Missouri to obtain a seed permit. Fees are set by statute and range from $20 to $400 depending on the classification of seed sales performed. Permits are valid for a period of one year (January 1 – December 31). Permit renewals for the upcoming year will be emailed and will be followed up with a mailed renewal notice, if needed. A permit must be obtained prior to selling seed in Missouri, even if exclusively selling online.

Purchase new license or renew permits online by visiting MOPlants or submit a check using the form below


Seed Service Sample Submission Form
A Seed Service Sample Submission Form should be submitted with each individual seed sample to be tested.

For farmers not selling feed, complimentary, cost-free seed analyses are performed and reported by the State Seed Laboratory during the periods of June 1 to August 31 and November 1 to the following January 15 for those who request analyses under the provisions of 2 CSR 70-35.050. All other testing will be subject to the fees outlined on the submission form.