Once a person’s application is approved by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and a permit number (29_PXXXXX) has been received, they may begin selling, distributing or offering for sale viable industrial hemp on the permitted parcels indicated on their approval certificate, in accordance with all state and federal law.

An Agricultural Hemp Propagule and Seed Permit only authorizes the sale, distribution, and offer for sale of viable industrial hemp, and does not authorize production.

Hemp Program Rules

Distribution and Sales Report

Complete within thirty (30) days of each sale/distribution.

Submission only upon request. Will be reviewed upon inspection. Retain for three (3) years.

Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

Viable hemp that is produced out-of-state and brought into Missouri does not require submission of a CoA to the Department.

Permit holders are required to provide a copy of the corresponding CoA to the recipient or purchaser for all industrial hemp sold or distributed.


When transporting viable industrial hemp within Missouri, the following documentation must be included in the shipment:

  • Copy of your registration and/or permit
  • Certificate(s) of analysis, if applicable
  • Bill of lading or sales invoice, if applicable
  • Chain of custody (for samples)
Seed Labeling Compliance

Missouri’s Agricultural Hemp Propagule and Seed permit holders must follow seed labeling requirements as outlined in 2 CSR 70-17.130.

Persons that also hold a Missouri seed permit issued by the Bureau of Feed and Seed must continue to meet the requirements specific to that permit or license.


Destruction Protocol.

Annual Report

For Reporting Period: Nov. 1, 2021 – Oct. 31, 2022
Must be submitted by Nov. 15, 2022

Annual Report for Permit Holders

Approved Operations

The following list includes all approved operations, including registrations.

Approved Operations