Once a person’s application is approved by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and a registration number (29_RXXXXX) has been received, they may begin producing viable industrial hemp on the registered parcels indicated on their approval certificate, in accordance with all state and federal law.

Hemp Program Rules

All new Registered Producers must review the following presentation upon approval. Returning producers should revisit the information annually, and as needed. Highlights of the information are included in the table below.

Registered Producer Orientation

Source of Seed/Propagules

A Registered Producer may purchase seed or propagules from:

  • A Missouri Agricultural Hemp Propagule and Seed Permit holder; or
  • A supplier from a state or territory with an approved industrial hemp program, appropriately licensed as the respective state requires; or
  • A supplier approved by USDA for international importation

Registered Producers must maintain origin documentation, such as a Certificate of Analysis from the supplier, for each variety produced.

GS2102 - Origin Documentation

MDA Planting Report

Submit to reporting.hemp@mda.mo.gov within thirty (30) days after planting, and include a planting map.

Utilize one of the following templates:

No Plant

“No Plant” notifications are required each calendar year for each non-planted registered site.

2022 Submissions open June 1, 2022 - Due August 1, 2022

FSA Report

Report to your local FSA office as soon as possible after planting.

GS2003 - Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guidance

Lot Report

Complete within thirty (30) days of each activity (planting, sampling, harvest).

Submission only upon request. Will be reviewed upon inspection. Retain for three (3) years.


All industrial hemp lots must be sampled within thirty (30) days prior to harvest by a Certified Industrial Hemp Sampler in accordance with the Sampling Protocol


For compliance testing, Missouri Registered Producers may select any laboratory that is:

Certificates of Analysis (CoA)

Submit Certificates of Analysis for all compliance samples to reporting.hemp@mda.mo.gov within seven (7) days of receipt, regardless of test results

GS2103 - Certificate of Analysis Guide


When transporting viable industrial hemp within Missouri, the following documentation must be included in the shipment:

  • Copy of your registration and/or permit
  • Certificate(s) of analysis, if applicable
  • Bill of lading or sales invoice, if applicable
  • Chain of custody (for samples)

Industrial hemp lots that have pre-harvest compliance tests exceeding 0.3% total THC may be eligible for remediation

Remediation Protocol


Destruction Protocol

Annual Report

For Reporting Period: Nov. 1, 2021– Oct. 31, 2022
Must be submitted by Nov. 15, 2022

Annual Report for Registered Producers

Approved Operations

The following list includes all approved operations, including permits.

Approved Operations